Below are a few examples of data visualizations that I created in R. Reproducible code for these visuals is available on my GitHub

Interactive community structure  

Description: Multivariate plots of species community structure are valuable tools for visualizing and analyzing complex ecological data. By integrating species composition and environmental data, these plots provide insights into community dynamics and support conservation planning and ecosystem monitoring. The interactive below kelp forest community structure before (green), during (red), and after (blue) the 2014-16 marine heatwave event inside and outside of marine protected areas at central California long term monitoring sites. Each bubble depicts the 95% confidence region of community structure in 3-dimensional nMDS space, which is representative of over 140 species. Also included are vectors for each environmental indicator (Multivariate Oceanographic Climate Index, MOCI; Sea Surface Temoerature, SST; Biologically Effective Upwelling Transport Index, BEUTI, Coastal Upwelling Transport Index, CUTI). The trajectory of each vector reflects its correlation with community structure. Non-overlapping bubbles indicate significant differences in community structure. 

The dynamic ordination plots below can be rotated and zoomed by clicking and dragging.

Interactive R Shiny app

Interactive app for visualizing the spatial distribution of sea otter foraging observations (black dots) and kelp canopy (heatmap) cover along the Monterey Peninsula. Data are preliminary (see source statement below).

Source files:

Multivariate community dynamics

R Shiny sea urchin biomass calculator