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Peer-reviewed publications

Published (most recent listed first)

Smith JG, D Malone, MH Carr. 2024. Consequences of kelp forest ecosystem shifts and predictors of persistence through multiple stressors. Proceedings of the Royal Society, Biology. 291: 20232749.

Free CM, Smith JG, Brun J,  Francis TB, Eurich JG, Claudet J, Dugan JE, Gill D, Hamilton SL, Kaschner K, Lopazanski CJ, Mouillot D, Ziegler SL, Caselle JE, Nickols KJ. 2023. If you build it, they will come: coastal amenities facilitate human engagement in marine protected areas. People and Nature.

Smith JG, J Caselle, P Raimondi, M Carr, S Hamilton, S Ziegler, J Claudet, C Free, C Anderson, J Dugan, J Eurich, T Francis, R Starr, K Nickols. 2023. A network of marine protected areas does not improve community structure climate resilience across multiple nearshore ecosystems. Global Change Biology.

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Smith JG, MT Tinker. 2022. Alternations in the foraging behavior of a primary consumer drives patch dynamics in a temperate rocky reef ecosystem. Ecology Letters.


Smith JG, J Tomoleoni, M Staedler, S Lyon, J Fujii, T Tinker. 2021. Behavioral responses across a mosaic of ecosystem states restructure a sea otter-urchin trophic cascade. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118(11) DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2012493118. Featured article.


Smith JG. 2021. Patch dynamics, behavioral responses, and kelp forest stability across a mosaic of ecosystem states. Doctoral dissertation, UC Santa Cruz. ProQuest ID: Smith_ucsc_0036E_12271.


Smith JG, SC Garcia (undergraduate). 2021. Variation in purple sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) morphological traits in relation to resource availability. PeerJ 9: e11352 DOI 10.7717/peerj.11352


Smith JG, M McPherson. 2020. A cross-campus professional development program strengthens graduate student leadership in environmental problem solving. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene: 8 (1): 085


Smith JG, D Malone, DS Baetscher, MH Carr. 2018. Evaluation and application of BIOPOLE, a biopsy device for in situ non-lethal tissue extraction for fishes. Marine Ecology Progress Series 595: 149-156. DOI: 10.3354/meps12575


Smith JG, J Lindholm. 2016. Vertical stratification in the distribution of demersal fish assemblages along the walls of the La Jolla and Scripps submarine canyons, California, USA. Continental Shelf Research Journal 125:60-70. DOI: 10.1016/j.csr.2016.07.001

Technical reports

Caselle, J.E., Nickols, K.J., Smith, J.G., Lopazanski, C., Brun, Julien, Free, C., Anderson, C., Carr, M., Claudet, J., Dugan, J., Eurich, J., Francis, T.,Gill, D., Hamilton, S.L., Kaschner, K., Mouillot, D., Raimondi, P., Starr, R., and S. Ziegler. A synthesis of ecological and social outcomes from the California Marine Protected Area (MPA) Network. NCEAS Working Group Final Report to the CA Ocean Protection Council and the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife. December 2022.

Raimondi PT, JG Smith. 2021. Assessment of rocky intertidal habitats for the California marine protected area monitoring program. Technical report submitted to the California Ocean Protection Council. Available online.


Lindholm J, A Knight, F Moye, A Cramer, M Esgro, H Bolton, S Finstad, JG Smith, R McCollough, M Freddle. 2014. South coast marine protected areas baseline characterization and monitoring of mid-depth and soft-bottom ecosystems. California Sea Grant 09-015. Available online

Manuscripts in preparation

Near completion

Smith JG, J Caselle, P Raimondi, M Carr, S Hamilton, S Ziegler, J Claudet, C Free, C Anderson, J Dugan, J Eurich, T Francis, R Starr, K Nickols. Conservation performance of a large marine protected area network spanning multiple California ecosystems. 

In preparation

Smith JG, S Bharvirkar (high school), P Tadepalli (high school). An autonomous machine learning program for sea urchin diet classification. 


Jarman C, JG Smith. Dietary preferences of meso-predators and implications for prey control. 


Severance S, JG Smith, B Rogoff. Learning with purpose: leveraging the strengths that students from underserved backgrounds bring to the classroom.