Cheyenne Jarman

Cheyenne Jarman is currently a Ph.D. student at Oregon State University funded by a National Science Graduate Research Fellowship. Previously, Cheyenne was a STEM Diversity Scholar and undergraduate student at UC Santa Cruz. Her senior thesis is focused on how meso-predators such as sea stars and crabs respond to and control sea urchin outbreaks. Cheyenne has received numerous awards for her undergraduate research, including a prestigious STEM Diversity Scholarship, Friends of Seymour Cntr Student Research Award, Koret Scholarship, and a Women Divers Hall of Fame Scholarship. Senior thesis.

Torrey Gorra

Torrey Gorra completed her B.Sc. in Marine Biology at UCSC in Fall 2018. Her senior thesis examined outbreaks in populations of purple sea urchins around Monterey Bay, California, including relationships between urchin density, behavior, and kelp density between kelp forest and sea urchin barrens. Torrey is a recipient of a Future Leaders in Coastal Science Award, which supported her 14-week summer research position in 2017. Torrey's senior thesis received honor's from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and is available below. Senior thesis.

Sabrina Garcia

Sabrina Garcia completed her B.Sc. in Marine Biology at UC Santa Cruz in Spring 2018. Her senior thesis investigated the plasticity of sea urchin morphometrics in response to food limitation. Specifically, Sabrina evaluated how sea urchins change the shape and structure of their feeding apparatus (i.e., Aristotle's lantern) based on the cover of algae in kelp forest and sea urchin barren habitats. Sabrina is a recipient of a Future Leaders in Coastal Science Award, which supported her 14-week summer research position in 2017. Senior thesis.

Paula Kaltenbrunner

Paula Kaltenbrunner completed the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major at UC Santa Cruz. Her senior thesis explored how algal diversity and cover influences sea urchin grazing behavior 

Maria Velazquez

Maria Velazquez is currently a graduate student at Sonoma State University. Maria completed her Environmental Studies Major at UC Santa Cruz, where she was a recipient of the Norris Center's Webster Fellowship for designing educational curricula focused on dynamic ecosystems for K-12 students that visit the Center. Maria also conducted a senior thesis aimed at investing threshold density relationships between sea urchins and algae cover. 

Dylan Meek

Dylan Meek graduate from UC Santa Cruz in Marine Biology. At UC Santa Cruz, she was the undergraduate lead for the CenCal Network for Sea Urchin Settlement (CENSUS). Dylan conducted a senior thesis based on data collected through CENSUS. Her thesis evaluated the spatial coherence in the timing and magnitude of recruitment between sea urchins, crustaceans, bivalves, and gastropods. 

Giovanna Sainz

Giovanna Sainz is graduate with a B.Sc. in Marine Biology from UCSC. Giovanna led the CENSUS program and conducted hundreds of hours of imagery collection. She is currently conducting research at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. 

Christina Langford

Christina Langford graduated in Marine Biology from UC Santa Cruz. She volunteered in the lab for two years and participated in numerous project, including imagery analysis, sea urchin dissections, and CENSUS. 

Olivia Bott

Olivia Bott completed the Marine Biology program at UCSC. During her time UCSC Olivia volunteered for the CENSUS project. She also led the development of an image analysis protocol for quantifying the diet composition of sea urchins.  

Vanessa Valdez

Vanessa Valdez graduated from UCSC in 2017 with a B.S. in Marine Biology. At UCSC, she she engaged in several lab research projects and led community outreach education programs in the Monterey Bay Area.

June Leung

June Leung graduated from UCSC with a double major in Marine Biology and Music (Clarinet). 

Celine de Jong

Celine de Jong completed her B.Sc. in Marine Biology at UCSC in Spring 2018. During her time as an undergraduate, she co-developed the urchin recruitment monitoring initiative now known as CENSUS. After graduation, Celine conducted summer research in 2018 supported by UCSC's Giving Day program. Celine was a field technician and part of a larger project aimed at exploring mechanisms of kelp forest resiliency. After graduation, Celine worked as a global science and technology policy research assistant, focused on data management and security. She is currently a graduate student at Moss Landing Marine Labs. 

Casey Juliussen

Casey Juliussen completed his B.Sc. in Marine Biology at CSU Monterey Bay. In 2018, Casey came to UC Santa Cruz funded by a UROC Scholarship for a 10-week summer research internship. He conducted an independent project focused on sea urchin population size-structure between kelp forest and sea urchin barren habitats. Casey presented his summer research at the 2018 Western Society of Naturalists Conference in Tacoma, WA.